Connor Capital SB

Connor Capital is a private investment partnership focused on investing in transportation and transportation-related companies. Our objective is to be a strategic and financial partner with management teams and other shareholders seeking to build significant shareholder value, and to be regarded as a highly knowledgeable, constructive, and active partner to our portfolio companies.

Unique Opportunity Set

The transportation industries are global and permanent, but have been largely overlooked by specialist private equity investors. In addition to our knowledge, background, and relationships in the sectors, this creates an incredible opportunity for a highly specialized fund exclusively focused on investing in transportation and transportation-related companies.

Connor Capital pursues a variety of transaction structures, including growth capital investments, secondary purchases, leveraged buyouts, and recapitalizations. The firm also works with corporate partners who are interested in raising capital in order to make acquisitions, expand an attractive business segment, or divest a subsidiary.

We have significant flexibility in terms of the size of our investments, as we are willing to be a controlling shareholder or minority investor and have a co-investment vehicle strategy. Certain Connor Capital limited partners and other large investors are prepared to co-invest alongside our dedicated fund, and through these vehicles we are able to meaningfully increase our exposure to selected investments.

Invaluable Limited Partners

The investment partners of Connor Capital represent a diversified group of well-known and highly-regarded ultra high-net-worth individuals, all of whom are current or former executives of successful companies, many with extensive experience in the transportation sectors as owners and/or operators. These partners can provide access and introductions within the transportation industries, perspective in the evaluation of potential investment opportunities, and several are seeking to represent the fund through board service associated with fund investments. Each limited partner has a long relationship with Founding Partner, Josh Connor.